[…] Heartbreak, farewell, loneliness, longing for death - this is the stuff great music dramas, poignant lamentations and immortal pop ballads are made of. The Lamento Project has all varieties of melancholy in its repertoire. With her clear, bright soprano, Dorota Szczepanska proves that dark emotional clouds can bring the greatest listening pleasure.[…]

[…]No cough. No scratching. Banished silence. The audience listens as if they don't want to miss any nuances. The balance of transparency and smooth conciseness is stirring. Here are three artists at work whose individual virtuosity meshes perfectly.[…]

[…] Dorota Szczepanska's clear soprano voice suits the role of passionate lovers and those disappointed by love perfectly. Without exaggerated theatrical vibrato, free from loud showmanship, it enchants with anuanced sound. She is assisted by the world-renowned mandolinist, lutenist and conductor Alon Sariel. His fingers dance over the archlute with sometimes breathtaking speed and precision. In contrast, Peter Schwebs manages to skilfully jump the strings: the jazz bassist, who commutes between New York and Hanover, grounds the lyrically light sound with pointed accents and smooth bass lines.[…]

[…]The concert ends in minutes of applause and cheers.[…]”

Norbert Bödecker, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ), July 19, 2022
(translated into English)

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